Tendon Torque Shaft

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Wire reinforced double lumen Pebax shaft with a single lumen lower durometer Pebax shaft at the distal.

1. Material: Braided Pebax at 48±5 PPI (0.002", 304LV, Single 234kpsi Hard, or Spring Temper)

2. Braided Section: Pebax 70D, Un-braided Section: Pebax 55D

3. Terminate Braid 40 mm before Distal End

4. Termainate .018" lumen 40 mm before Distal End

5. Inner Layer - Black, FDA compliant colorant Outer Layer - Clear

6. Double bag with label that includes part number, revision, and purchase order number.

7. Part must be free of surface defects.

8. Vendor certificate of compliance required.

Buyer Information

Industry Medical
City/Region Ronkonkoma, New York
Country USA


RFQ Number 346054
Material Composite

Technical Specifications

Category Braided Tubing

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Braided Tubing: Braided tubing offers strength and flexibility. Braided tubing is generally made of plastic although it is sometimes made of wire mesh or rubber. The body of the tube is made in a flexible material and then wrapped or braided with strands of stronger, more rigid material. Common applications for braided tubing are tubes for the medical, pharmaceutical, construction and agricultural industries.