Surfboard Case

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Rotational Molding

Production of a Surfboard Case (Rotational Molding). Approximately 2064.0 mm x 613.0 mm x 253.0 mm.

Buyer Information

Industry Transportation
City/Region NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina
Country USA


RFQ Number 611865
Material Thermoplastic

Technical Specifications

Category Rotational Molding
Dimensions 2064x613x253 mm

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Rotational Molding: Rotational molding is a versatile process for creating a variety hollow plastic parts. Rotational molding process uses heat and biaxial rotation, rotation on two axes, to produce hollow, one piece parts. Molten plastic is pored into the mold and as it rotates, centrifugal forces compress the molten plastic to the walls of the mold.