Side Wall

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Thermal Coating

Production of a side wall. Part is approximately 14.7" long x 4.87" wide. Please see drawing for specific dimensions. Part is to be metalized. This is an injection molded part which will be supplied by buyer. Buyer is in dire need of quote. Please quote ASAP.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Pennsauken, New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 359685
Material Thermoplastic
Material Grade HIPS

Technical Specifications

Category Thermal Coating

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Thermal Coating: Thermal Spray processes melt a metal coating from powder, droplet, wire, or rod form, into a vapor that bonds to the part. These processes are done at extremely high temperatures. Thermal spray coatings have excellent corrosion resistance properties and are commonly used in outdoor structures, such as bridges and towers. Flame Spraying (FLSP) uses an oxyacetylene flame to melt the coatings. Plasma Arc Spraying (PSP) melts powders at very high temperatures, but allows the surface of the part to remain somewhat cooler. Electric Arc Spraying (EASP) uses electric arc to melt the coatings, generally in wire form and fed into the sprayer by a motor. A gas is used to then inject the melted droplets into the part's surface. Detonation Gun (D-Gun) melts the metal coating, in a powder form, by igniting explosive gas in a gun. High-velocity Oxy/Fuel (HVOF) uses oxygen, hydrogen, and gas, usually methane, to melt the metal coating, usually in a powder form.