Round Head Pin A

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Welding or Bonding

Production of a Round Head Pin 2 piece design (32.0mm x 0.8-1 mm) Disc 50 mm long pin. Please see drawing for all specifications. All material is to be Stainless Steel, Type 316.

Requires a Certificate of Compliance Analysis required certifying material.

Pin must be Silver Brazed to center of Disc. Pin must be perpendicular to Disc, at a 90 degree angle (+/- 3 degrees).

Silver Braising must not have any cracking, fissures, voids or imperfections.

Chinese suppliers - please reply in simple Chinese or Mandarin via messaging System.

This part is used in food preparation.

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Buyer Information

City/Region , New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 699078

Technical Specifications

Category Welding or Bonding

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Welding or Bonding: Bonding is the process of joining two materials by fastening or by use of an adhesive. Generally, bonding refers to joining of two materials surface-to-surface, in a manner in which one covers the other, as opposed to fastening, where members are joined at a discrete point. Cladding, in which one material covers another entirely and pressure and/or heat is applied to create the bond between them, is a form of bonding. Welding and Brazing are both bonding processes.