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THIS RFQ IS FOR PLATING ONLY. MACHINED PARTS TO BE DELIVERED TO PLATER. BUYER PAYS ALL SHIPPING. These three parts will be awarded to 1 PLATER.  Plating requirement: Copper, CU  0003-.0005 ASTM B 734-97. Nickel, Ni Bright  .00015 - .0002 ASTM B 689-97 Parts will likely need to be racked, not barrel rolled.  Parts will be delivered to supplier in the following  condition: Rod- 12L14 Case Hardened to Rockwell C 58-62 Case Depth .060 Sleeve - 12L14 Case Hardened to Rockwell C 58-62 Case  Depth .060 Blade - 12L14 Case Hardened to Rockwell C 58-62 Case  Depth .030 Quantity  5000 Rods: Weight per piece .8 ounce (Total 250 pounds) 5000 Sleeves: Weight per piece 1.8 ounce (Total 563 Pounds) 5000 Blades: Weight per piece .3 ounce (94 pounds) Total weight of RFQ 907 pounds 12L14 Steel. 

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City/Region , New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 313578

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Category Coating

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Coating: Coatings are materials that form a continuous film over the surface of the part being coated. Coatings impart color, sheen, and protection to parts. Coatings include paints formulated for brushing/rolling, powder coatings, and conventional spray coatings. Paints are water, oil, and solvent-based and are made in epoxy, polyester, lacquer, enamel, and latex formulations.