Ring, Tie Down

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Production of a tie down ring. This part is being bid to the government. The buyer does not have the order at this time and the anticipated award date is the date that they anticipate the Government awarding this contract. They will notify all bidders if and when there is a successful award by the Government regardless of whether they are the successful bidder. PLEASE VERIFY ALL DRAWINGS AND ALL RELATED DOCUMENTS.

Buyer Information

Industry Government Military
City/Region Kennesaw, Georgia
Country USA


RFQ Number 372501
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Maraging 250

Technical Specifications

Category Open Die Forging

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Open Die Forging: Open die forgings, or hand forgings, are old, traditional processes made with repeated hammer blows. The part is manipulated in die and beaten to the approximate die shape. The part may be forged hot or cold.