Reflective Sight Lens

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Shaping

Buyer is developing a reflective sighting device similar to red dot sights that are on the market. Buyer is interested in a lens (drawings attached to this RFQ) and light source per RFQ 854317. 

This lens will be used in a reflective sighting device. A light source will be reflected off the lens, creating a reticle viewable to the user (see attached drawing). The housing has already been designed and the lens will simply drop into the housing. 

For reference, the Lens is approximately 0.74 inch x 0.58 inch x 0.1 inch.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region San Antonio, Texas
Country USA


RFQ Number 854576
Material Thermoplastic
Material Grade Impact resistant glass or plastic commonly used on optical devices such as red dot sights.

Technical Specifications

Category Shaping
Dimensions 0x0x0 inch

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