Raw PN base

This RFQ was sourced on www.MFG.com in USA for Ceramic Mold Casting

Production of a raw PN base. Approximately 6.516" x 6.500" x 3.118". Please see drawing for dimension specifications. Also quote zinc - both raw & chrome plated with lower side surface polished

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Cockeysville, Maryland
Country USA


RFQ Number 387249
Material Aluminium
Material Grade 380 aluminum

Technical Specifications

Category Ceramic Mold Casting

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Ceramic Mold Casting: Ceramic molds are made at ceramic mold companies. Making a ceramic mold is similar to making a plaster mold except that pouring a ceramic-based slurry mixture over the pattern makes the ceramic mold. The mold is allowed to set to a rubbery consistency then the pattern is removed. As with plaster mold castings, a ceramic mold casting can produce parts with smooth finishes, slender sections and fine details. Parts made as a ceramic mold casting can be very small or up to several tons and can maintain small tolerances.