Rahmen 2fach AP AS

This RFQ was sourced on www.MFG.com in GERMANY for Transfer Mold Making

Buyer wants to order the tool for the Frame Emitter.

The part materials is ABS and the structure of the part is an erode structure. It must be an automatically running tool.

The delivery cycles of the tool must be 400.000 pieces.

Please calculate the tool including sea /airfreight to Germany.

Buyer is not interested in the parts, only in the tool.

Buyer Information

Industry Electronics and Semiconductor
City/Region Altena, North Rhine - Westphalia


RFQ Number 747416
Material Tool Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Transfer Mold Making
Dimensions 155x80x13 mm

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Transfer Mold Making: Transfer molds are made to accept molten plastic running through channels from a central storage pot. The heat and pressure generated in this system sets the molten plastic into the mold.