QA testing 13.15

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Deburring

Production of a QA testing 13.15 (Deburring). Approximately 253.988 mm OD x 152.4 mm long. Please see drawing for all specifications.

Buyer Information

City/Region Testville, Georgia
Country USA


RFQ Number 807638
Material Ceramique
Material Grade S235

Technical Specifications

Category Deburring
Dimensions 152x253 mm

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Deburring: Deburring is the process of removing sharp edges, or burrs, which form on metal parts as a result of stamping, sheering or other metalworking processes. Deburring also refers to removing flashing, rough edges, parting lines and surface protrusions common on cast or molded parts. Deburring can utilize heat, chemicals and/or vibration. Vibration is usually done by either tumbling or vibrating parts with an abrasive component.