Push-Pull Rods

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Push-Pull Rods, estimated annual usage is 1,000 to 1,200 linear ft, per average per-line item. $0.55 per inch is target price. Approximately 0.391 inch OD x 3.5 inch long.

Buyer Information

City/Region , Oregon
Country USA


RFQ Number 770067

Technical Specifications

Category Direct Extrusion

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Direct Extrusion: Direct extrusion is the most common extrusion process. In direct extrusion, the material, usually billet that has been heated to plasticity, is forced through a stationary die by a ram, usually powered by a hydraulic press. Indirect extrusion is an extrusion process in which the material to be extruded, usually billet that has been heated to plasticity, it held stationary while a forming die fixed in a hollow ram, usually powered by a hydraulic press, is moved through it.