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The PopCup is an attachment for stabilization of a container by way of insertion to a cupholder. Adhesive-Topped Base: This product is made of an approximately 2 ½” high paper cup bottom (standard in paper drinking cup form and design) which is sealed at the top. This upper surface is coated with an adhesive agent allowing for bonding to existing products.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Hoboken, New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 335759
Material Paper
Material Grade Paper

Technical Specifications

Category Containers

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Containers: Containers are made of a wide variety of materials and come in many shapes and sizes. Common containers include tubs, bins, buckets and pails. Containers are commonly made of aluminum or galvanized steel, for strength and durability, and plastics, in a variety of grades, for corrosion resistance, ability to seal tightly and strength in relation to weight.