Pitman Arm Forging

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Production of a pitman arm forging. Approximately 15.25" long x 4" wide x 1.75" thick. The buyer is posting three RFQS. The first two are the same forging made out of two different materials. You will notice that the part number will reflect the different material by the last two numbers in the part number. These are parts that the buyer is currently outsourcing. They do own the forging dies but please quote new forging dies as a separate line item. If there is no area for you to include the tooling cost in your quote please put it in the header as a separate line item. The buyer's current volume for both the 1009422-15 and 1009422-41 forgings is 4000pcs a year. They are looking for a new supplier to meet increased demand in quality and quantity. They are quoting work that would increase our needs to roughly 12000pcs a year. They would like to source all of these parts with one supplier, unless there are pricing advantages to use multiple suppliers. Please feel free to contact the buyer if you have any questions.. These three forgings that the buyer is posting are not the only forging that they use. There would be more opportunities for more work.

Buyer Information

City/Region Bryan, Ohio
Country USA


RFQ Number 417000
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade 4140

Technical Specifications

Category Impression Die Forging

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Impression Die Forging: Impression die forgings and precision forgings compress the metal in a closed die. These processes are further refinements of blocker forgings. Because the metal is compressed in a closed die, the finished part more closely manifests the details of the die.