This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Other Tube Processing

100 pieces ONLY. Loose tolerances. Approx 18-20AWG. Economical steel. We have designed this part, to make it as simple as possible. 1. Start with steel rectangular tubing. (18 AWG : 1/2" round preferred) 2. Cut to 8" length. 3. Drill 5 holes. (4 in the top, 1 on the side). MY GOAL IS ECONOMY!

Buyer Information

Industry Electronics and Semiconductor
City/Region Tallahassee, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 330802
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Economy Steel or aluminum

Technical Specifications

Category Other Tube Processing

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Other Tube Processing: Tubing services include all processes of fabricating with tubes. Tubes are cylindrical shapes used for conveying fluids or gasses. Tubing can be braided or reinforced for applications in which high pressure and flexibility are required. Metal tubes are hollow bars used for their structural strength to construct frames or footings for machines, or guides for a machine's moving components.