PRCD Control Board

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Six layer 1/2 oz. copper-clad glass epoxy. Finish thickness .059 FR-4 Solder mask / silk screen both sides. 700 holes / 7 sizes approx. dimensions 2.75 x 3.4" Artwork to be supplied by customer

Buyer Information

City/Region Hanahan, South Carolina
Country USA


RFQ Number 335947
Material Other
Material Grade FR-4

Technical Specifications

Category Circuit Boards

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Circuit Boards: In electronics, printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, or traces, etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Most PCBs are composed of between one and twenty-four conductive layers separated and supported by layers of insulating material (substrates) laminated (glued with heat, pressure & sometimes vacuum) together. Included in this category are:-PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) -PCB Design -PCB Assembly