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This is the 1 of 7 parts that I’d like to get prototypes made.

Ideally, I’d get protypes made of the steel I’d use in production (41L40). However, it may not be reasonable to make the first few prototypes in a functional material.

For this part, I’d like to get a small number of samples made with an SLS process. That should provide a dimensionally accurate (tolerance can be negotiated) part at a more reasonable cost and lead-time than with steel.

This part is very small, .170” x .1030”.

Buyer Information

Industry Engineering and Design
City/Region Greene, New York
Country USA


RFQ Number 340879
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Nylon for Prototype (41L40 production)

Technical Specifications

Category Select Laser Sinter (SLS)

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Select Laser Sinter (SLS): Select Laser Sintering is a rapid prototyping technique which uses a laser to sinter powder based materials together, layer-by-layer, to form a solid model. A thin layer of powder is deposited on the work surface where the laser traces the cross section representation of the prototype. The work surface then descends and the process is repeated for the next cross section layer until the prototype is complete.