This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Internal Gears

Make (qty 3) sets of planetary gears per print from Seller supplied 4340 steel.

Required heat treatment is Seller’s responsibility.

Seller to provide engineering for gear tooth data.

Specified, tolerance on decimal dimensions is .xx +/- .03”; .xxx +/-.010", except as noted.

Inspection of machined attributes is Seller’s responsibility. Seller shall furnish with shipment a Statement of Conformity attesting the items shipped are in compliance with all purchase order and drawing requirements.

Seller is responsible for maintaining appropriate packing, packaging and shipping controls to assure delivery of compliant parts. Seller shall complete Buyer’s quality survey (if not done prior to this posting) before the award is made.

Any deviation from these specifications shall be in writing from Buyer prior to execution.

Buyer Information

Industry Automotive
City/Region Mogadore, Ohio
Country USA


RFQ Number 342470
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade 4340 ALLOY STEEL

Technical Specifications

Category Internal Gears

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Internal Gears: Internal gears have teeth cut on the inside diameter of the gear and are mated with straight or spur gear shafts. Planetary gears are an arrangement of gears moving around an internal gear, like planets in a solar system.