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This part is fairly simple.  We need the polished surface  to be flat to .0001" to .0002".  Serious quotes only!  The  final mirror finish must be 2-3 Ra. The material is 110  Copper.  There is a generous allowance on the material  removal if need be.  We are looking long term on this so  give it your best shot. A option for us would be a one year   or 18 month blanket order for higher quntities.

Buyer Information

Industry Machinery and Tools
City/Region Bzn, South Dakota
Country USA


RFQ Number 323020
Material Grade Parts Supplied as machined (110 Copper)

Technical Specifications

Category Polishing

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Polishing: Polishing and buffing processes are surface treatments performed to smooth a variety of materials. Polishing may be done for functional purposes on parts like shafts, cylinders or lenses. Polishing is also done for aesthetic purposes, for example, to achieve hi-gloss, satin or brushed finishes on materials. Polishing and buffing require the use of a buffing pad and a compound, usually containing a very fine, silica-based abrasive. Polishing is done manually, with power tools, or with fixed machines.