Oil Distribution Manifold

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Production of an oil distribution manifold. Approximately 248mm long x 102mm wide x 70mm high. Please see drawing for complete dimensions. Buyer is looking to get this item made from cast iron to save costs over just having a manifold block machined. Need the casting and if you can quote the finish machining that would be great.

Buyer Information

City/Region Houston, Texas
Country USA


RFQ Number 364403
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade ASTM A536 60-40-18

Technical Specifications

Category Lost Foam Casting

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Lost Foam Casting: Lost foam casting allows the production of complex parts. The process produces complex parts and reduces finish machining of the part. To make a lost foam casting, a foam pattern of the finished part is made. The pattern is dipped into a water solution containing a suspended refractory. The refractory material coats the foam pattern leaving a thin heat resistant layer. Sand is poured around the pattern and provides mechanical support to the thin refractory layer. Molten metal is then poured into the mold, and the molten metal melts and vaporizes the foam. When the metal becomes solid, it is removed form the sand, thus the name lost foam casting. Lost foam castings may be of any shape or size. Materials commonly used in lost foam casting are Aluminum, iron, steel and nickel alloys.