Nylon Panty - Style 3 - White

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Buyer is looking to reproduce nylon panties in a vintage (1950s) style. The original manufacturer is no longer in business.

Buyer Information

Industry Textiles
City/Region Waterloo, Ontario
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 633112
Material Nylon

Technical Specifications

Category Panties

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Panties: Lingerie is a term for women's fashion undergarments. It is applied typically to those women's undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic, typically incorporating materials such as Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace and/or silk and not applied to functional cotton undergarments. Panties are undergarments mostly worn by females primarily for personal hygiene like underwear. A wide variety of types of panties exist. Versions of panties inclues High-cut, or control top, Bikini cut, Satin string bikini cut, Boyshorts, and G-string. Panties are made of a variety of materials including satin, silk, cotton, nylon.