Neodymium NdFeB, Grade 52 magnets

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Press & Sinter

Buyer is looking for potential suppliers in China who are direct manufactures of Neodymium NdFeB, Grade 52 magnets.

These are rare earth element magnets.  

Buyer is interested in making contact only with companies which are direct manufactures, and have the ability to; read, write and communicate in English. Buyer does not wish to develop any relationships with companies which will sub-contract this type of work to another Chinese company which makes these products. Buyer is seeking to develop a relationship with a company who will fabricate the desired end products from raw materials.

Buyer has attached a drawing of the NdFeB, Grade 52 magnets, as well as magnet spacers, and the assembly drawing.

Buyer would like to get a quote on the NdFeB, Grade 52 magnet assembly. The quantities are 50 and 100 assemblies per order, about three to four times per year. 

Buyer is looking for shipment to our facility within three weeks ARO.

Note: The material specification is Neodymium. The "Magnesium" choice on the RFQ was just selected as a placeholder value.

Buyer Information

City/Region , New Jersey
Country USA


RFQ Number 722893

Technical Specifications

Category Press & Sinter

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Press & Sinter: Press and Sinter is the most common powder metal forming process. The powder composition is compacted into a die and heated super high temperatures, causing the metal powder to fuse into a solid metal.