Mustang Turbo Headers and Downpipes

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Electropolishing

My company fabricates twin turbo systems for late model  sports cars (v8/v10) and trucks/SUV’s.  We make the hot- side turbo tubing out of stainless steel. What we want is a chrome or chrome-like finish of these  pieces.  We are not sure how to best obtain this finish.   We are thinking either chroming or electropolishing.  But  before this is done, we need to have the part finished,  probably by vibratory or tumbling methods. So we actually need two things, polishing and then coating. To start, the quantities will be small, 1-2 sets per  month.  A set consists of a drivers side header and  downpipe and a passenger side header and downpipe (4 pieces  total per set).  We expect to need 8 sets per month within  a year and 20-30 sets per month by the end of the second  year.   This RFQ has been replicated and can be seen under RFQ numbers 18518, 19, and 21.

Buyer Information

Industry Automotive
City/Region Pryor, Oklahoma
Country USA


RFQ Number 323646
Material Grade stainless steel

Technical Specifications

Category Electropolishing

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Electropolishing: Electropolishing uses a electrical current and a electrolyte bath to remove microscopic flaws, such as scratches, pits, pickle, grit, from the surface of a metal part. Electropolishing is sometimes referred to reverse electroplating, because it removes a very thin layer of surface material from the part. Electropolishing is commonly done on stainless steel and is sometimes referred to as bright finishing.