Molded Acrylic Drawer Fronts

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Thermoforming

Production of a molded or vacuum formed acrylic colored panels with integral pull handle. Pull handle is same on all drawers and doors. Buffet doors are built as both left and right handed. Finish is to be glossy on front side with no tooling marks. Panel will be bonded to a wood drawer or buffet door. Bonded/welded or molded nut plates on inside is not shown but desired for increased strength of pull handle. Two screws would be inserted from inside drawer into nutplate.

Total pieces in collection is 725. If color effects price please explain. Color has not been selected yet.  Assume all pieces are same color.

Buyer Information

City/Region , California
Country USA


RFQ Number 740897

Technical Specifications

Category Thermoforming

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Thermoforming: Thermoforming is a manufacturing process for thermoplastic sheet or film. The sheet or film is heated between infrared, natural gas, or other heaters to its forming temperature. Then it is stretched over or into a temperature-controlled, single-surface mold.