Machined Square Carbon Fiber Tube

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Pultrusion

Black Square Carbon Fiber Tube-Buyer needs a prototype quote for 10 pieces as sample and a production quote of 1000 pieces. The prototype sample will be needed within two weeks, the production quantity will be needed in about a month. The tubing will be cut into 104 mm length pieces with one approximately 13x19 mm hole cut into each piece.

Buyer Information

City/Region Tucson, Arizona
Country USA


RFQ Number 765735
Material Thermoplastic

Technical Specifications

Category Pultrusion
Dimensions 104x34x34 mm

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Pultrusion: Pultrusion is a manufacturing process that produces reinforced plastic shapes with constant cross-sections. The composite material is reinforced by pulling fibers through a liquid resin mixture. The finished product has exceptional strength to weight properties and corrosion resistance.