Loop Line

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The buyer is in search of a company who can tie monofilament knots. Specifically they need a 24-inch length of clear monofilament line with a 1-inch Centauri Knot on each end ......ala -O----------------------------O- Please contact the buyer with any questions.

Buyer Information

City/Region , Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 479694

Technical Specifications

Category Filament Winding

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Filament Winding: Filament winding is the process of winding continuous fibers on a rotating mandrel surface. The fibers are fed onto the mandrel surface in a precise pattern to produce material that is extremely strong and durable in relation to its weight. Fibers are saturated with resin to bind them together in the desired structure. The structure is released from the mandrel and cured with heat. Carbon fibers are commonly used in filament winding to produce parts used in aerospace and defense applications.