Laptop Cover

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Chemical Engraving

Buyer would like our school logo, name, and address to be chemically etched or otherwise permanently affixed onto smooth, silver, magnesium-infused plastic laptop computer covers. Buyer is willing to do the work themselves but need the templates cut or plates made and any necessary materials. Maximum size of logo/plate is 5" x 5". Buyer has a static student count of 1200 and staff/faculty of 90 that will be getting these laptops. With the turnaround of seniors going out and freshmen coming in, we will be needing about 350 per year from now on.

Buyer Information

Industry Education
City/Region Phoenix, Arizona
Country USA


RFQ Number 350231
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Chemical Engraving

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Chemical Engraving: Chemical engraving is a process similar to photo finishing. A negative of the engraving is scribed on the material. Removing the resulting photographic emulsion from the material leaves the engraving on the material.