K&N HP Filter Box Redesign Project

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Buyer is considering a box design change for the K&N boxes for the HP filter line.   In order to make the decision the Buyer needs to understand the cost involved with the various options.   The Buyer is proposing 6 different options and they are shown on the attached excel file.   Also in the excel file you will find the parts listing for the Boxes.  There are 23 different SKUs with a total est. annual volume of 1,033,883.   The dates provided for award and implementation are only a guess and have no validity as the Buyer has not been awarded this change and the timeline has not been developed.

Buyer Information

City/Region Albion, Illinois
Country USA


RFQ Number 805791

Technical Specifications

Category Paperboard Boxes
Dimensions 3x3x3 inch

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Paperboard Boxes: Paperboard boxes are containers, cases, or receptacles, made from cardboard, boxboard, paperboard etc., and often with a lid, closure or removable cover. Common uses: shipping, storage. Synonyms: container, receptacle, tote, bin.