KTM Ball Valve

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Buyer is in search of KTM ball valves. Both 12" X 300# with 1/2" valves on flanges of the valve and 10" X 300# with 1/2" valves on flanges.

Spare parts list: Drawing: HE0106-7469/ 7470 for 10" Valve
Item #33 Qty (2)
Item #34 Qty (2)
Item #35 Qty (2)

Drawing: HE0106-7469/ 7470 for 12" Valve
Item #33 Qty (2)
Item #34 Qty (2)

Item #35 Qty (2)

Note: Other parts will follow

Buyer Information

Industry Oil & Gas
City/Region Jubail Ind City, Unknown - Do not delete


RFQ Number 623539
Material Carbon Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Ball Valves

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Ball Valves: The most common and versatile type of valve, ball valves, shut the flow of fluids by means of a round closure element sealing in a round seat.