Jaw Blade/Anvil

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Quality Specifications, Tungsten Carbide:

Industry Code C2
Rockwell ‘A’ Scale 91.0 – 92.0
Transverse Rupture PSI 350,000
Compressive Strength PSI 710,000
Density C/CM 14.80 – 15.00
Grain Size 1.3
RWR Volume Loss mm2 3.5

Sampling Plan based on Zero Defects

Buyer Information

Industry Engineering and Design
City/Region Sarasota, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 345547
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Tungsten Carbide

Technical Specifications

Category Press & Sinter

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Press & Sinter: Press and Sinter is the most common powder metal forming process. The powder composition is compacted into a die and heated super high temperatures, causing the metal powder to fuse into a solid metal.