Intake Runner

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Swaging of an intake runner. Buyer need some rectangular tubing with rounded corners that tapers in size. The sizes for one end are approximately 2.5" wide x 2.0" thick. The other end is approximately 2.0" wide x 1.45" thick. The parts are approximately 6" in length each. These aren’t super-tight tolerance parts. If supplier can get close, buyer can probably alter the design to accomodate small changes, especially if it saves buyer money over having to produce some expensive tooling. Buyer would like to be able to get some initial samples, 8- 16, to ensure all the measurements are correct and that the parts will work with buyer's design. After confirming parts are correct, producing the larger quantities. This is for a new product, that buyer already has orders for. Its possible that four or five times as many may be needed annually. Two different versions of two different lengths of this part are to be quoted. One version only tapers on two sides, the other version tapers on all four sides. Buyer would like to see if there is any pricing differences between these. Associated with RFQ's 45131, 45481, 45483, and 45484.

Buyer Information

Industry Automotive
City/Region Pryor, Oklahoma
Country USA


RFQ Number 346458
Material Aluminium
Material Grade Alum 6061

Technical Specifications

Category Swaging

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Swaging: Swaging is a process of reducing the size of tube ends or changing the profile of tube ends. This is commonly done to join tubes into an assembly in which each member fits inside of another member. Changing the tube end profile is commonly done to join it to other components or parts with different cross sections or profiles.