This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Plaster Mold Casting

This part is an impeller for a blower. It is used to blow air across an airconditioning condenser coil. The impeller is driven by an electric motor.

Ideally, the part will be quoted complete including machining and balancing. However, casting-only quotes will be considered.

The raw casting will be used to create two seperate finished impellers, each with a different outside diameter.

Projected annual usage of this casting is 150/yr.

The smaller diameter impeller has been in production for a few years and parts are available for reverse engineering. Additionally, a 3D model of the larger diameter part is available and is posted allong with this RFQ. This part weighs approximately 1.1 lbs.

The buyer is having this part quoted in multiple categories in order to determine the most cost effective method of manufacture.

Buyer Information

Industry Aerospace
City/Region Addison, Texas
Country USA


RFQ Number 384828
Material Aluminium
Material Grade Aluminum 356-T6

Technical Specifications

Category Plaster Mold Casting

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Plaster Mold Casting: Plaster casting molds are made of plaster of Paris. In forming a plaster mold, plaster is poured over a pattern and allowed to set. Because the plaster forms around the mold as a liquid, the mold can reproduce intricate shapes on the casting and the surface finish is quite smooth. Tolerances are can be held tightly in plaster casting. Plaster casting molds are used to make aluminum castings and copper castings.