HumidiFresh humidifier

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Currently assembling components for specialty humidifier sold to retailers for care of on the shelf tobacco products. Approx size must conform to hold 1 gal of water minimum below the wick fringe. Approx 8" tall (including fan) x 7" wide x 12" long. Dim's not final. Should not be longer than 14" if width are reduced in new designs. Wall thickness average on current products are .105". Would like minor redesign to reduce costs and fascilitate production of professional looking product. Also, would consider contract manufacturing quote for provisioning all items included in the final product assembly. Humidifier is about the size of car battery. Tank/lid (rotationally molded but open to other molding processes capturing new design and conformance to mating lid) Humidistat Control - Must be able to hold 70% humidity, Spec’d at +/- 3%.. (off the shelf items meeting requirements may be considered with documentation and pricing.) Fan - open (Fan is open to size, but meeting voltage and output specs (105 CFM, Ball Bearing, 115v). Fan guards open (size, shape, could be eliminated if lid is redesigned to incorporate cone features. AC cord (open due to cost, and design for assembly) Lid (asthetics, and functionality in the replacement of fan guards with coned bosses. Body (Asthetics, ease of manufacture, minimizing hardware for lid closure) Some post machining drilling may be required depending on the placement of actual componenets on or within the final product. Future product inclusion would be a water level indicator for end user use and care. Part is not critical in the re- design but would help sell more product to our distributors and wholesale cigar retailers. Wicking not open to redesign Direct feed fitting (optional component)(not open) We are open to the materials for the Body and Lid. Our current pictured product is made from Styrene. Our overall goal is to re-design the product to increase the asthetics and lower the overall manufacturing and assembly costs. We currently own some tooling (rotational) that was used to develop the pictured items, however, new tooling estimates are expected and should be listed seperate from any piece pricing submitted.

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Industry HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
City/Region Atlanta, Georgia
Country USA


RFQ Number 335987
Material Other

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Category Product & Package Design

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