Hull tubes

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Filament Winding

We would like two carbon fiber tubes somewhere in the 6.5- 7.25 inch range diameter, one approximately 22” long, the other around 40”.

We’re looking for companies that have filament winding capabilities with mandrels in that diameter range.

As we will be using these for pressure vessels in a submarine, we’d like them to be rated to 1000ft external pressure with a safety factor of two.

One major concern is that we’re hoping to integrate a somewhat complex flange type system into the end of each tube.

My initial tought was that we could have a tube that for the last half inch on each end had a .05” bigger ID than the rest of the tube. We would then epoxy a stainless steel/anodized aluminium part into it.

Buyer Information

Industry Education
City/Region Ithaca, New York
Country USA


RFQ Number 338767
Material Composite
Material Grade carbon fiber

Technical Specifications

Category Filament Winding

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Filament Winding: Filament winding is the process of winding continuous fibers on a rotating mandrel surface. The fibers are fed onto the mandrel surface in a precise pattern to produce material that is extremely strong and durable in relation to its weight. Fibers are saturated with resin to bind them together in the desired structure. The structure is released from the mandrel and cured with heat. Carbon fibers are commonly used in filament winding to produce parts used in aerospace and defense applications.