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Buyer is in search of a Supplier that is capable of desigining a Box packaging with clear plastic window or something similar. Approximate size: 16 x 5 x 4 in. Wheighs 3-4lbs.

Please contact Buyer with any questions.

Buyer Information

Industry Engineering and Design
City/Region Burlington, Ontario
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 631263

Technical Specifications

Category Design
Dimensions 16x5x4 inch

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Design: Package design or packaging design starts with the identification of all the requirements: structural design, marketing, shelf life, quality assurance, logistics, legal, regulatory, graphic design, end-use, environmental, etc. The design criteria, performance (specified by package testing), completion time targets, resources, and cost constraints need to be established and agreed upon by all parties. Many independent agencies do only the design of the package and further source to a manufacturer for the actual packaging.