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Machine Helical Gears and Bushing (Bearings) for Gear Box Assy. QTY per / 1-each -901 Assembly: -011 Main Shaft 6pcs per assy (Helical Gear) -013 Idler Gear 8pcs per assy (Helical Gear) -015 Plug Bearing 5pcs per assy -019 Idler Bearing 8pcs per assy -031 Bearing Cage 8pcs per assy Supplier shall recommend materials. Material shall be able to operate in a corrosive environment, be able to operate at 8,000 RPM, able to handle 300 pounds of torque and shall have good wear capabilities. Supplier shall recommend design changes to ease manufacturing and to reduce costs. The following 3D models are for reference only SS601-021,- 605 and -025. The gear teeth in the 3D models are for reference only and to convey to manufacture the desired intended part. Manufacturer shall provide gear data and materials used to manufacture parts. All gear data and recommended materials shall require approval in writing from LM6Corp before manufacturing parts. All communications shall be in writing followed by verbal. Send communications to Emails: and Need Parts soon as possible. LM6Corp will work with supplier on delivery dates and part dimensional tolerances where possible.

Buyer Information

City/Region Bluffton, South Carolina
Country USA


RFQ Number 421198
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Supplier to Recommend

Technical Specifications

Category Helical Gears

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Helical Gears: Helical gears are used in high speed and high power transmission situations. Helical gears are usually circular with teeth running at an oblique angle to the gear axis. The most common helical gears move on parallel axes at a 45º angle.