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Quote Request for the following Gear specs: Quote one gear: 1.5" thick 3 dp  20 pressure angle  32 teeth 2 5/8 I.D. 1/2" Key thru, no set screw 11.328" Dia Qutoe 2 gears 1.5" thick 3 diametral pitch 20 deg pressure angle 20 teeth  3 1/2" I.D. 1/2" Key thru, no set screw 7.340" O.D. +/- .003 or better tolerances Pricing as QTY 1 = 3 gears Steel grade is open and can be part of your quote comments; gear works as part of laminator for compressing egg roll skin material, in use work is similar to a pasta machine. Low RPM applications, low torque load.

Buyer Information

City/Region Belleisle Creek, New Brunswick
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 324250
Material Grade non hardened

Technical Specifications

Category Other Gears

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Other Gears: Gears are mechanical devices that transmit power and movement between parts or components on parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting axis.