This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Other Seals & Gaskets

A buyer in Texas, USA is looking to source parts (Seals and Gaskets).

The buyer is bidding on this job for a customer. Although the order is not firm at this time, the buyer will notify all quoting parties once a decision has been made.

This part must be manufactured in accordance with all dimensions, material specifications, finish and/or coating specifications, and all other notes as per the drawing with no exceptions. Buyer will only accept complete, turnkey pricing for this part as per the drawing. Refer to drawing for exact specifications.

All of the details and information that Buyer has concerning this part has been included in this RFQ and/or is on the drawing.

Buyer Information

City/Region , Texas
Country USA


RFQ Number 566257

Technical Specifications

Category Other Seals & Gaskets

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Other Seals & Gaskets: Seals and gaskets are used between two mating parts to reduce or eliminate fluid leakage or protect internal mechanical components from external elements.