GMG205/206 Auxiliary Rotor Yoke

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Centrifugal Casting

Casting of an auxiliary rotor yoke. Approximately 34.3" OD x 15.5" long. Part is asynchronous alternator rotor yoke used in locomotive applicaitons. Part is currently a forging, buye is looking at changing to a centrifugal casting. Attached drawings are for forgings, quotes should be for centrifugal casting. See attached documents for drawings and material specifications. Upon successful bid, sample order would be placed for 5 pieces, then production orders for up to 10 pcs per week.

Buyer Information

Industry Transportation
City/Region Erie, Pennsylvania
Country USA


RFQ Number 355077
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Medium Carbon Steel - Empis B4C5

Technical Specifications

Category Centrifugal Casting

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Centrifugal Casting: Centrifugal casting is the process by which a mold is rotated rapidly about an axis as molten metal is introduced into the mold. The mold shape is cylindrical but the outside of the finished part can be round or a simple, symmetric shape. The interior of the centrifugal casting will always be hollow and rounded. Examples of centrifugal casting are gun barrels, rotor end rings, and pipes. Centrifugal casting equipment can be quite expensive, but the molds tend to last a long time and are good for large production runs. The metals recommended for centrifugal casting include iron, steel, stainless steel, and alloys of aluminum, copper, and nickel.