Foam Tape Die

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The end product I need are die-cut two-sided adhesive sheets of foam tape. The material would be 1/8" thick.

I need someone who can at the very least provide a die. If you are a converter and can die- cut the foam tape off of large master rolls, please quote conversion as well.

I have attached a PDF of the proposed die. The cuts on the inside of the die would need to go through the top release liner (paper that covers the adhesive) and the foam, but not the bottom release liner. This keeps all the little pieces together on the sheet.

Conversion details - The die would be 16" x 20" with details shown in attachment. This full size 16" x 20" piece would be one size I would order.

I would also need that sheet to be cut in half so I could order pieces at 10" x 16".

And my smallest size would require one more straight cut so I could order pieces that are 8" x 10".

As mentioned, I have a foam tape supplier, but at this point the die and conversion are needed.

Buyer Information

City/Region Tucson, Arizona
Country USA


RFQ Number 340106
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Steel Rule Die Making

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Steel Rule Die Making: Steel rule die cutting is used to cut a range of sheet materials including paper, cardboard, rubber, and plastic. For example, cardboard boxes and various kinds of packaging are made by steel rule die cutting. Steel rule dies are made of very sharp steel blades mounted to a tool surface. The blades are open to allow the material being cut to pass through the blades making for clean cuts.