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Production of a flow form cast set. The client wishes to develop a long term relationship with the supplier. Consistency in casts, and ethical standards are highly valued. Casting to be made from ALMAG 535 or approved alternative. All parts are to be shot or bead blasted and clear anodized (other suggestions will be entertained). An example of what the finish product might look like (previous work - photo) will be required prior to contract approval - example/s of previous similar work. Buyer is also interested in receiving quotes for Steel.

Buyer Information

Industry Consumer Products
City/Region Vancouver, British Columbia
Country CANADA


RFQ Number 403155
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Sand Mold Casting

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Sand Mold Casting: Sand mold casting is a widely used form of casting. As the name implies, sand is used to create the casting mold. In sand casting, a pattern of the finished part is placed in sand. The sand is then packed around the pattern to form the mold. If the pattern must be removed before pouring the metal, the mold will be made in two or more pieces. The mold must be modified to include a hole through which the metal will be poured. The mold remains in tact until the metal has solidified. The mold is destroyed when the part is removed, so a new mold has to be made for each casting. Sand casting service companies can cast large parts. Sand molds can be used in iron casting, bronze casting, brass casting, and aluminum casting. Another type of sand casting, green sand casting, is inexpensive and can produce parts in a wide range of sizes, however the surface finish is generally not smooth and the dimensions cannot be controlled to a small tolerance. Additional machining of the casting may be required. Green sand molds are use in the production of iron casting, steel casting, and stainless steel casting, and casting alloys of copper, magnesium, and nickel.