Flanged Shaft Splined

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We need the 200 4140 HRC 29-32 steel shafts aprox. size; 125 mm flange with 4 threaded holes X 34.29 mm spline X 160 mm long shaft with an M36X1.5 thread (11.5mm in length) made within 1-3 months. Forge and machine complete to drawing. We are keeping this domestic to U.S. suppliers. Our current supplier have lengthy lead times and we wish to move forward immediately. We are running out of parts for the assembly we build and need t execute orders a.s.a.p. At least 200 units for the next 3 months. Estimate only as end customer forecast is limited.

Buyer Information

Industry Transportation
City/Region Winter Haven, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 334043
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Steel 4140 HRC 29-32

Technical Specifications

Category Swaging

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Swaging: Swaging is a form of forging done by forcing a tube or rod inside a die which reduces the tube or rod's diameter or changes the end profile of the tube or rod.