Fixture Head Bronze

This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Electrical & Lighting Equipment

1. Fixture head bronze 250w, 480 VAC, Lithonia KVSI-2505- R5 480 Qty. 38 ea. 2. Round light ploe bronze single head, 30’ tapered lexington #2908455805T4 Qty. 34 ea. 3. Round light pole bronze double head, 30’ tapered lexington #2908455805T4 Qty. 2 ea. 3. Conduit 2" PVC schedule 40 (10’ units) (Qty 80 ea) 5. Hand hole christy/fiberlyte FL9Box (Qty 50 ea) 6. Hand hole lid christy/fiberlyte FL9T00 (Qty 50 ea) 7. Streetlight screw in base, 60" C11242NG4VP (Qty 38 ea) 8. Mogul base lamps 250W, HPS (Qty 38 ea) 9. Wire, #6 USE (1000’ Reels) (Qty 32 ea) 10. Wire, #10 THHN (500’ Reels) (Qty 16 ea)

Buyer Information

Industry Computing
City/Region Chicago, Illinois
Country USA


RFQ Number 333209
Material Other
Material Grade Metal ans steel

Technical Specifications

Category Electrical & Lighting Equipment

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Electrical & Lighting Equipment: Electrical and lighting equipment provides power and light to manufacturing and process operations. Electrical equipment includes power supplies and power regulators, switching equipment, electrical controls, and generators. Lighting suppliers provide specialized lighting, such as lighting in extremely high or extremely low temperatures, explosion proof lighting, and high powered lighting, as well as commercial lighting for general plant operations.