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Part is a length of flexible tubing approx. 7" long, with a flare fitting at one end and another fitting and nylon washer at the other. Material of the tube may be copper, brass, or any liquid solvent/chemical resistant plastic, this is imperative. This RFQ is for the entire assembly. Please see drawing for details. The tube must be flexible enough to bend atleast 45°, but it does not need to be able to double back on itself.

Buyer Information

Industry Machinery and Tools
City/Region Walled Lake, Michigan
Country USA


RFQ Number 355341
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade Multiple

Technical Specifications

Category Hose Assembly

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Hose Assembly: Hose assembly is the process of putting together hose, hose connectors, hose ends, and hose nozzles into complete assemblies. Hose assemblies are used in water, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications for machinery, equipment, and processing lines.