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This box is currently being purchased. We do not currently have schematics. It is a stock product from the manufacturer. The dimensions are as follows: 8"L, 2.5"H, 4"W including the end plates. The unit is made out of aluminum and is powder coated. The body is extruded and the end plates are cast. This unit houses a circuit board and must adhere to UL standards. The end plates will be machined to include wire outlets (or perhaps a hole for wire connectors). We are looking for anyone who can quote their similar product (stock or custom). Does not have to be an exact match. The unit should be sturdy, a good heat sink, and very price competative. Please quote accordingly along with drawings, photos, etc. Note: The drawings attached are of basic dimensions and are not the box shown in the photographs. The box in the photograph is the actual product. Please quote your closest match.

Buyer Information

City/Region Vero Beach, Florida
Country USA


RFQ Number 341793
Material Aluminium
Material Grade Aluminum (TBD)

Technical Specifications

Category Enclosures

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Enclosures: Enclosures are protective housings for electronics, equipment batteries or other applications. Enclosures are typically made of metal or plastic, and can include corrosion, weather, chemical, fire or dust resistance, and can be customized to meet a wide variety of specific requirements.