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Dear Sirs: We are interested in purchasing the following: LINEA LLENADORA DE FRASCOS QUE INCLUYA: Tanque colector para frascos. Ordenador de frascos. Soplador de frascos. Máquina contadora llenadora. Suministradora de silicagel. Retapadora. Selladora de liner de aluminio. Etiquetadora con foliadora y caracteres. Estuchadora con foliadora y caracteres. Retractiladora. Todo esto sincronizares para alcanzar de 5000 a 6000 frascos por hora. ======================================================= PHARMACEUTICAL PACKAGING EQUIPMENT. Collecting tank for jars. Jar device to put them in order. Jar blower. Counting and filling machine. Silicagel supplier. Device to place tap on them. Sealer of the alluminium liner. Labeler with foiler and characters. Packing with foiler and characters. Wrapping film device. All this to be able to synchronize up to 5.000 and 6.000 jars per hour. ===================================================== Please get in touch with us for further details for quotation.

Buyer Information

City/Region Madrid, Unknown - Do not delete
Country SPAIN


RFQ Number 339913
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Packaging Equipment

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Packaging Equipment: Packaging equipment includes automated pick and pack systems, packing and shipping workstations, strapping machines, and pallet wrapping machines.