EPS Pent Mold

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Production of a EPS pent mold. The mold is for producing 2 1/4 pound/cubic feet molded expanded polystyrene panels. The preferred cooling method would be water cooled, but depending on pricing, air cooled would be considered. The dimension of the curved triangular panel is 54" x 48" x 48", with a depth of 3.5 inches. Please quote from the attached files. An IGS file is attached with a male-female type of connector. This is for a mold for material with greater strength than simple EPS, such as structural foam, or thermo formed ABS.

Buyer Information

Industry Machinery and Tools
City/Region K.C., Missouri
Country USA


RFQ Number 377821
Material Alloy Steel
Material Grade steel

Technical Specifications

Category Reaction Mold Making

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Reaction Mold Making: Reaction injection molds house a chemical reaction between two liquid components, isocyanate and polyol. These liquids are fed into the mold in a precise mixture, under high pressure. Their reaction causes them to from to the mold contour and cure in the mold shape.