Double Gear

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Please include hardening and blackening in quote. Gear One: Teeth: 46 Module 1.0 Pressure Angle 20 deg Root Dia 1.7126" - .0080 Pitch Dia 1.8086 + .0008 - .0024 Addendum Diameter 1.8898" - .0079 Gear 2: Teeth: 100 Modul 1.0 Pressure Angle: 20 deg Root Dia: 3.8346 - .0080" Pitch Dia: 3.9346" +.0008 - .0024" Adendum Dia 4.0157" - .0079" Oversize parts will be subject to rejection. We have 2 more projects similar to this request.

Buyer Information

City/Region United States,
Country USA


RFQ Number 321392
Material Grade steel 1045

Technical Specifications

Category Other Gears

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Other Gears: Gears are mechanical devices that transmit power and movement between parts or components on parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting axis.