This RFQ was sourced on in USA for Chemical Milling

Chemical Mill per GA0103-001 of formed 2024-T62 aluminum (SAE-AMS-QQ-A-250/5).

Dimensions: 3.25" x 7" x .125" (Clad Sht.)

We will send you 2 formed and heat-treated pieces of 2024- T62 .125” thick clad aluminum sheet. (Envelope size)

The entire part (Every surface) will be chemically milled per GA0103-001 until the final material thickness is .104”.

The 2 parts will then be sent back to us for final machining.

Buyer Information

City/Region El Dorado Hills, California
Country USA


RFQ Number 341978
Material Other

Technical Specifications

Category Chemical Milling

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Chemical Milling: Chemical milling or grinding is a process of reducing chemicals in solid form to small granules or powders. Chemical mills or grinders use blades, rollers, and pressure to create a crush and churn motion inside of the tank.