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Drill Head made from SAE 4140.

Approx 1.75" long x 1.125" Dia max.

4 Flutes.

CarobNitride, Oil Quench, Draw to Rc 45-50 and Bead Blast finish.

Buyer Information

City/Region Long Island City, New York
Country USA


RFQ Number 343140
Material Alloy Steel

Technical Specifications

Category Drilling Tools

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Drilling Tools: Drilling tools are used to cut straight holes through or into metals, plastics or wood. Drilling is generally slower than boring but produces more accurate dimensions. Drilling tools include manual drills, such as star drills, powered drills, and drill presses. Drill presses range from small precision drills used in jewelry making, to large industrial presses. Drill bits, the cutting tools used in drilling, range in diameter and hardness.