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Production of a 90 gsm PP Non-Woven Poncho. Please see attachement for specifications.

Buyer Information

City/Region Fall River, Massachusetts
Country USA


RFQ Number 585119
Material Polypropylene
Material Grade 90 gsm PP Non-Woven

Technical Specifications

Category Ponchos

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Ponchos: A poncho is a simple garment designed to keep the body warm, or if made from an impermeable material, to keep dry during rain. It is essentially a single large sheet of fabric with an opening for the head and sometimes for the arms. Some ponchos, especially those made to ward off rain, also have hoods attached. Alternative ponchos are now designed as fashion accessories. They are the same shape but of different material. They are designed to look fashionable and be loose and comfortable, rather than ward off cold and rain. These are often made out of wool or yarn, knitted or crocheted. Ponchos with festive designs or colors can be worn at special events as well.